FITS Center at Uson, Masbate: Farmers' Assembly held on December 21-22, 2005


     At first there was the introduction of the BCARRD staff made by the Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO), MRs. Emprecion Aban from the Department of Agriculture of Uson, Masbate. Likewise, the farmers were asked to introduce themselves. An orientation to the nature of activities being undertaken by PCARRD, BCARRD, and FITS Center. Further, the program on K-Agrinet was also introduced by the by RMIS after which, the open forum followed. One farmer said that he was not aware that they can avail of the services of FITS Center.

     Since the main objective of the assembly was to gather benchmark information on K-Agrinet, the discussion that followed focused on the topic. The following issues and concerns were raised during the discussion:

  1. Farmers produce products and yet their products have no assured market so that they cannot realize target income.
  2. Pest in their plants are not easily controlled - example the corn borer because they have limited knowledge on what chemicals would be effective.
  3. Storage problem problem when they could market their products immediately.
  4. Their plan of expansion cannot be implemented because of the lack of capital.

     The K-Agrinet program can answer most of the issues raised by the farmers. Through the use of the cellphones, internet facilities and teleconferencing , problems met in the field can be resolved immediately. The storage problem of the products can be minimized or totally eliminated if these products could be marketed at once through interconnectivity and market linkages. Furthermore, the products could be sold at their optimum price with less expense in its transport.





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