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Accomplishment of the Fiber Industry Development Authority, Region V on Research and Development for the Year 2004




Agency: Fiber Industry Development Authority

Position: Senior Agriculturist

Field of specialization: Agriculture major in Agronomy


College BU College of Agriculture , Guinobatan, Albay

(Bachelor of Science in Agriculture)

Masteral BU Graduate School , Legazpi City

( Master of Science in Agronomy)

Doctoral Camarines Sur, State Agricultural College

(Ph. D. in Plant Science major in Agronomy)

(51 units)

Articles/ Researches/ Books Published:

Australian Plant Pathology (2000) 29:69



First record of natural infection of abaca ( Musa textiles) with banana bract mosaic potyvirus in the Philippines

M. Sharman A , C.F. Gambley A , E.O. Oloteo B , R.V.J. Abgona C and J.E. Thomas A

A Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Horticulture Institute, 80 Meters Road , Indooroopilly,

Queensland 4068 Australia

B Fiber Industry Development Authority, Region 5, BU Compound, Legazpi City , Philippines

C Fiber Industry Development Authority, Asiatrust Bank Annex Building, 1424 Quezon Avenue , Quezon City , Philippines

Corresponding author J.E. Thomas (Email )


The first record of natural infection of abaca ( Musa textiles ) with banana bract mosaic potyvirus (BBrMV) is reported from the Philippines . Symptoms sometimes included the chlorotic spindle-shaped lesions typical of BBrMV on banana.

Abaca (Manila hemp, Musa textiles Nee) is closely related to edible bananas and plantains ( Musa spp.). M. textiles is native to the Philippines , and this country supplies about 85% of total world demand for this natural fibre crop. Abaca bunchy top and abaca mosaic (AMD) diseases are major constraints to production, and an eradication program has been implemented for their control. AMD is caused by abaca mosaic potyvirus (AbaMV0, which is closely related to sugarcane mosaic potyvirus (SCMV; Thomas et al. 1997).

Samples of abaca with suspected symptoms of AMD were collected from Tabaco, Albay Province , Philippines . Samples were M2 (cv. Luno), M3 (cv. Musa tex 51) and M4 (cv. Musa tex 50) from location 1 and M1 (cv. Musa tex 52), M5 (Musa tex 51) and M6 (cv. Musa tex 50) from location 2.

Samples M2, M3 and M4 gave positive ELISA reactions with SCMV antibodies with A 410nm values of 0.77-1.94. Healthy abaca and samples M1, M5 and M6 had values of 0.00 in the same tests (Bioreba ELISA kit, cat. No. 140412/ 140422. By contrast, samples M1, M5 and M6 were positive by ELISA for banana bract mosaic potyvirus (BBrMV) with A 410 nm values in the range of 0.70-1.05 in double and triple antibody sandwich ELISA (Thomas et al . 1997); Thomas, unpublished), compared to values of 0.01-0.05 for samples M2, M3, M4 and healthy abaca in the same tests. These results were confirmed by immunocapture PCR with AbaMV – and BBrMV – specific probes for microplate detection of amplicons (Sharman, Dietzgen and Thomas, unpublished). The presence of BBrMV in sample M6 was also confirmed by immunosorbent electron microscopy and decoration with antibodies to BBrMV.

Samples M2, M3 and M4 had typical symptoms of AMD (Diekmann and Putter 1996). M1 showed raised leaf veins and broad chlorotic stripes similar to tissue culture off-types, whereas M5 was degraded and symptoms were uncertain. Sample M6 showed leaf mosaic symptoms, including chlorotic spindle-shaped lesions typical of BBrMV in banana.

This is the first report of BBrMV naturally infecting abaca.


Thomas, J.E., Geering, A.D.W., Gambley, C.F., Kessling, A.F. and White, M. (1997) – Purification, Properties and diagnosis of banana bract mosaic potyvirus and its distinction from abaca mosaic potyvirus. Phytopathology 87: 698-705.

Diekman, M. and C.A.J. Putter (1996) – FAO/IPGRI Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Germplasm. No. 15. Musa 2 nd edition. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome/International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome .

ccepted 24 January 2000.



Hereunder are the accomplishment on Research and Development of FIDA V from January to December 2004:

Research and Development Projects

A total of six (6) studies/projects were implemented in the Bicol Region under different fund sources. These are listed below.

•  FIDA Funded Project/Study

Collection, Evaluation and Characterization of Abaca Varieties, Hybrids and Strains. E.O. Lomerio, Oloteo, E.O., Infante, E.B., Padua , F.

Progress of the study : Only three (3) varieties were collected from Poblacion, Rapu-rapu, Albay. To date, collection of abaca varieties planted and maintained at Sorsogon Fiber Seedbank in San Juan , Casiguran, Sorsogon totaled to 111. Care and maintenance of such varieties was being undertaken by following the FIDA's Abaca Package of Technology.

•  CFC-UNIDO Assisted Projects

National Yield Trial on Abaca. E. B. Infante .

Salient Findings : Preliminary results on the different yield parameters revealed that the top three abaca varieties were Inosa, Musa tex 51 and Linawaan.

National Screening of Abaca Varieties for Resistance to Bunchy-top Disease. E.O. Oloteo, Navarro, I.M., Siapno, J.O.

Salient Findings : Results showed that the highest in the degree of resistance to bunchy-top was Inosa followed by Maguindanao, Abuab, Linawaan, Musa tex 51, Tangongon, Lausigon and the lowest was Laguis.

National Screening of Abaca Varieties for Resistance to Mosaic Disease. E.O. Oloteo, Navarro, I.M., Siapno, J.O.

Salient Findings : For resistance to mosaic, the ranking of the varieties was as follows: Linawaan, Abuab, Musa tex 51, Maguindanao, Laguis, Lausigon, Tangongon and Inosa.

•  DA-BAR Funded under the GMA-HVCC Program

•  Indexing of Micropropagated Abaca in Bicol

The project was implemented by Albay Abaca Diagnostic Laboratory, three (3) Tissue Culture Laboratories located in Albay, Catanduanes and Sorsogon, and Sorsogon Fiber Seedbank in San Juan , Casiguran, Sorsogon.

The project involved the use of biotechnology in plant propagation and virus detection.

The objective was to produce certified virus-free abaca planting materials through tissue culture technique.

Virus detection was done through Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay or ELISA which is a serological method of virus detection and identification.

A total of 56 leaf samples were collected and indexed of which 39 were identified as virus-free. The virus-free abaca suckers were used as sources of explant for the establishment of initial cultures in-vitro . The number of virus-free tissue culture plantlets that were produced and acclimatized reached 57,601 representing 130.70% accomplishment out of the 44,070 target. The plantlets that were distributed to LGU nurseries totaled to 37,043.

Under this project one “Protected Nursery” was constructed in Sorsogon Fiber Seedbank in San Juan , Casiguran, Sorsogon. Virus-free abaca were maintained in this nursery as sources of virus-free explants to be used in establishing initial cultures at the Abaca Tissue Culture Laboratories.

The research component of the project was “In-vitro Elimination of Bract Mosaic Virus through Chemotherapy”. Revitol was the chemical used for virus elimination. The protocol on the inoculation of AbaBrMV was aseptically formulated. Meristem culture was undertaken.

•  Abaca Disease Management in the Bicol Region

The task of the Albay Abaca Diagnostic Laboratory in the Bicol Region was to identify virus-free abaca. With the use of ELISA, a total of 300 abaca suckers were identified as virus-free. These virus-free suckers were used by the 3 Tissue Culture Laboratories in Albay, Sorsogon and Catanduanes in establishing initial cultures.

The total number of tissue-cultured plantlets produced was 22,810 with 24 recipients. These plantlets were used to replant abaca areas formerly rogued due to viral infection.

•  Non-funded Research

Tissue Analysis of Bract Mosaic Infected Abaca

Emma O. Oloteo

Senior Agriculturist


The study was conducted in June 2004 with the objective of determining the nutrient composition of bract mosaic disease infected abaca. Leaf samples of infected abaca with mild, moderate and severe symptoms were collected including symptomless. The samples were analyzed at the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Soils, Naga City .

Results of the study showed that the macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium are not the limiting factors in the expression of bract mosaic symptoms; the same with the micronutrient copper. However, the micro nutrient iron was very much higher in the symptomless samples having 1400 ppm as compared to the samples with mild, moderate and severe symptoms having 540 ppm, 600 ppm and 340 ppm respectively.

Participatory Action Research (PAR)

This activity aimed to enhance the skills of farmer-leaders with the end-view of threshing out solutions to their technical problems in abaca production through the conduct of farm experiments and researches as a means to complement the formal research undertakings by the Authority. The PARs conducted were as follows:

•  Effect of Farming System Adopting the Package of Technology Recommended by the Authority in Abaca Production

Farmer-researcher: Mr. Michael Puentebella

Location: Ogob, Malinao, Albay

•  Adoption of Improved Herbicide Dispenser in Eradication of Virus Infected Abaca Plants

Farmer-researcher: Mr. Florentino Cedano

Location: Lipac, Catagbacan, Goa, Cam . Sur

•  Differentiation of Farmers Income in Producing Excellent Cleaning of Fiber over Low Grades Using Mobile Spindle Stripping Machine (MSSM) and Handstripping Method

Farmer-researcher: Mr. Rafael Estorninos

Location: Bentuco, Gubat, Sorsogon

•  Farmers Profitability in Selling Abaca Tuxies versus Dry Fiber Traditionally Handstripped Fiber

Farmer-researcher: Mr. Dario Dayawon

Location: Paniquihan, Baras, Catanduanes

Distribution of Information Materials

  There were a total of 137 various information materials distributed to 91 recipients. The information materials distributed include Technoguide on Abaca, Salago, Pineapple, Maguey and Kapok; Trade Inquiries/Opportunities; The Philippine Abaca Industry, Fiber Market Situation, brochures and posters on Abaca Bunchy-top and Mosaic.


List of Abaca Fiber Exporting Sectors (Grading and Baling Establishments or GBEs) in the
Bicol Region
Grading-Baling Establishments/Initial of Station (IS) Contact Person Location/Business Address
1st Class    
Ching Bee Trading Corp. (T/CBT) Arnold S. Lim Rizal St. Tabacao, City -
    Tel. # 4875186/5359/6875186
    Fax # 8300048
    815 Quezon Ave., Quezon City
    Tel. # 3731285
2nd Class    
Manila Hemp Trading Corp. (XG/MHT) Jessie Chua Mabca, Sangay, Camarines Sur
Manila Hemp Trading Corp. (VC/MHT Joseph Cua Capilihan, Virac, Catanduanes
    Tel. # 8111650
    Fax # 8111345
4th Class    
Tag Fibers, Inc. (T/TAG) Giovanni F. Evangelista Salvacion, Tabaco City
    Tel. # (052) 4876098
    4/F Kalaw-Ledesma Condo, 1117 Gamboa St.
    Legaspi Village, Makati City
    Tel. # 8104643


List of Buying Stations in the Bicol Region


Buying Stations/Initial of Station (IS) Contact Person Location/Business Address
1st Class    
Ching Bee Trading Corp. (VC/CBT) Cresencio T. Lim Sta. Cruz, Virac, Catanduanes
    Suite 314 Pacific Land Bldg.,
    Binondo, Manila
    Tel. # 811374
Manila Hemp Trading Corp. (SN/MHT) Peter C. Cua Pob., San Andres, Catanduanes
TAG Fibers Inc. (TG/TAG) Joven Z. Adayo Aguinaldo St., Tigaon, Camarines Sur
    Tel. # 4523417
    4F Kalaw-Ledesma Cond.,
    116 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village,
    Makati City
TAG Fibers Inc. (VC/TAG) Nerio Avila Ibong Sapa, Virac, Catanduanes
    Tel. # 8112335
    4F Kalaw-Ledesma Cond.,
    116 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village,
    Makati City


List of Fiber Processors in the Bicol Region


Processors/Initial of Station (IS) Contact Person Location/Business Address Product/s Finished Product/s
Class A      
Albay Agro-Industrial Dev't. Corp./ Edgar C. Lianko Balading, Malinao, Albay Pulp
ALINDECO (MO/AID) Tel. # 2577337  
  Sagittarius Cond., Makati City  
  Tel. # 8158760  
  Fax # 8301212/8158760  
Isarog Pulp & Paper Co., Inc. Lorenzo D. Inocando Kilicao, Daraga, Albay Abaca Pulp/
(DR/IPP) Tel. # 4832647 Paper
  7F Citibank Center, Paseo de Roxas  
  Makati City  
  Fax # 4832804  
Class C    
EM-EL Handicraft Collection Zenaida L. Mape Bañag, Daraga, Albay Sinamay
(DR/EML) Tel. # 4834287/834198  
Gernarine Industries (L/GI) Engr. Gerson Escaro #2 Airport Road, Washington Drive, Fibercraft
  Legaspi City  
  E-mail: gernarine@techasia.  
  Tel # 4810572  
GSG Industrial Corp. (TW/GSG) Engr. Geoffrey S. Gonzales Cale, Tiwi, Albay Handmade
  Tel. # 4885364 paper
GSG Industries (L/GSG) Engr. Geoffrey S. Gonzales Km 536 Arimbay, Legaspi City Handmade
  Tel. # 4820250 paper
  #32 2/G The Courtyard, Aguirre Ave.,  
  BF Homes Parañaque City  
  Tel. # 8200507  
Lorencille's Natures Connection Lorenzo M. Listana Anislag, Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
(DR/LNC) Tel. # 8247505  
Milex Twine Craft, Inc. (L/MTC) Corazon M. Arellano 330 Peñaranda Ext. Bonot, Legaspi Fibercraft
  Tel. # 8206238  
Myrna's Handicraft & Store Myrna M. Macasinag Public Market, Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
Pacific Cordage Corp. (SD/PFC) Francisco T. Sabello Lidong, Sto. Domingo, Albay Abaca Rope
  Tel. # 2587223  
Paulino's Abaca Handicraft Inc. Corazon T. Paulino Doña Maria Subd., Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
Ran Bros. Company Inc. Vivian Y. Rancia Pag-asa St., Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
(DR/RCI) Tel. # 4834602  
  Rm 1500 Citiland Tower 2,  
  Makati City  
Sarmiento, Jose P. (SD/JPS) Jose P. Sarmiento Sto. Niño, Sto. Domingo, Albay Fibercraft
  Tel. # 8243223  
  #16 Majestic Subd., Marikina City  
  Tel. # 9484872  
Shelmed Cottage Treasures Sheldon A. Villanueva Montaña Bldg., F. Lotivio St., Fibercraft
(DR/SHM) Bagumbayan, Daraga, Albay  
  Tel. # 4833785  
Juboken Enterprises (CY/JBK) Justino Arboleda Lower Gapo, Camalig, Albay Coirlogs
Soriano Fiber Industries Francisco O. Soriano San Jose, Malilipot, Albay Pads
(MP/FOS) Tel. # (052)2577022  
  Las Piñas  
  Tel. # (02) 5439859-60  
Class D    
BIÑAS, Artemio (MP/ABB) San Roque, Malilipot, Albay Twine/Bags/
  Tel. # 5582494 Decors
BIO, Dorotes (MP/BIO) San Isidro Iraya, Malilipot, Albay Fibercraft
  Tel. # 8307596  
BORROMEO, Rosalina V. Market Site, Tabaco City Fibercraft
CIMANES, Bonifacio (DR/BCS) 98-A Public Market, Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
CONDA, Benedicto (DR/BLC)   Public Market, Daraga, Albay Rope
CONDA, Eriando (DR/ELC) Public Market, Daraga, Albay Rope
Ernestine Carmela Craft Inds. Juana L. Arquiaga Lot 18, Blk 5, Teachers Village, Fibercarft
(L/ECI) Legaspi City  
  Tel. # 8217433  
  Fax # 4826189  
Hi-Point Handicraft (CY/HPH) Virgilio Nidea Pariaan, Camalig, Albay Fibercraft
JM Handicrafts (DR/JMH) Josephine Macandog Bagumbayan, Daraga, Albay Bags
LRR Handicraft (T/LRR) Lourdes B. Bordeos San Antonio, Tabacao City Fibercraft
MIER, Lorna V. (DR/LVM) Binitayan, Daraga, Albay Sinamay
MINA, Nena A (L/NAM) Bonga, Legaspi City Sinamay
Pamar Enterprises (MP/PNS) Rolando Volante San Isidro, Malilipot, Albay Rope/Twine
Rodina Marketing (CY/AMY) Rudy Peñaflor Camalig, Albay Rope/Twine
Simor Abaca Products (CY/SAP) Walden M. Naag Cabangan, Camalig, Albay Rugs/
Vera, Tita de P. (DR/TPV) Bañag, Daraga, Albay Fibercraft
  Tel. # (052)483409, (02) 7243796  
Winjen Handicrafts (MP/WIN) Necitas Belen San Francisco, Malilipot, Albay Fibercraft
Class E    
Naps's Handicraft (CY/SMN) Socorro Napa Zone 5, Sumiang, Camalig, Albay Fibercraft
Wyn's Export (DR/GLB) Gloria L. Baldo Tagas, Daraga, Albay Sinamay
Enlist Export (DR/EEX) Enrique M. Listana Avila Subd., Daraga, Albay or Fibercraft
  316 Doña Aurora Exec. Subd.,  
  Santolan, Marcos Highway,  
  Pasig City  
  Tel. # 8240910/9161839  
    Fax # 4831236  
Bicol Bay Export Corp. (LI/BBE) Dianne Fabros Herrera, Ligao City Coir/Pads/
  Tel. # 8204579 Bricks
  Milalong, Makati City  
  Tel. # 8174543  





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