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Farmer's Information and Technology Service (FITS)

FITS is a technology promotion and utilization modality wherein a center is established nearest the majority of our farmers, processors, traders and entrepreneurs in a given area that enables fast access to information and technology services.

In the Bicol Region, four centers have been established:

- Camarines Sur Technopinoy Center Provincial Government of Camarines Sur
Cam. Sur Investment and Technology Center
Panganiban Drive, Naga City

- Catanduanes Technopinoy Center FI

DA Provincial Office
Virac, Catanduanes

- Sorsogon Technopinoy Center Sorsogon Livestock Dairy Farm
Sorsogon, Sorsogon

- Masbate Technopinoy Center LGU of Uson, Masbate
Uson, Masbate

- Basud Techno Pinoy Center
Basud Camarines Norte

- Tiwi TechnoPinoy Center
Tiwi, Albay

Each of the FITS centers provide services which specially cater to the needs of their respective clients. Generally, however, the centers shall extend the following services:

A. Technology Services

- Technology clinic
- Technology training
- Technical advisory and consultancy
- Link the clients to agricultural experts and financing institutions
- Technical assistance on enterprise development

B. Information Services

            *Provision of technology information in print, audio/video tapes, and database formats
            *Access to global information through the internet
            *Sale of reference and information materials
            *Exhibits of new technologies, products and services
            *Production and dissemination of IEC materials


Farmers' Scientist Bureau

The Farmer-Scientist Bureau (FSB), more popularly called Magsasaka-Siyentista (MS), is one of the innovative modalities in technology promotion and commercialization which centers on the farmer as a model of participatory development in agriculture and natural resources management.

The program aims to establish a national network of demonstration farms which are managed and operated by a group of acknowledged outstanding farmer-leaders who can effectively showcase the commercial feasibility and viability of applying appropriate technologies.

Presently, there are seven (7) Magsasaka-Siyentistas regionwide. (click here for links to MS Profiles)

The following are the services that the program can offer:

1. serve as demonstration sites of technologies
2. MS can serve as resource speakers to fellow farmers on their farming technologies and practices

Information, Education and Communication Strategies

- Production of information materials (print, video) based on the needs of clients (especially clients of FITS centers)
- Translation of information materials into the vernacular (i.e. abaca production, weaving, mango production, etc.)
- Promote technologies through exhibits, techno for a
- Collection/retrieval of IEC materials of BCARRD member-agencies and other institutions

Information and Communications Technology

 Agricultural Resources Management Information Systems (ARMIS) databases

             1. Regional Development Management Information System
                        - contains the profile of all on-going and completed researches in agriculture, forestry, environment and natural resources generated by the researchers of the BCARRD member-agencies.
                         - This database is web-enabled and can be accessed thru the
PCARRD website:                                 http://www.pcarrd.dost.gov.ph

2. Agricultural Resources Research and Technology Information System
- contains a complete description of all technologies in agriculture, forestry, environment and natural resources generated by the researchers of the BCARRD member-agencies.

- Coordinates the updating and maintenance of the FITS databases in the different FITS centers in the region

- Coordinates/facilitates/conducts ICT-related training needs of the RMIS officers, FITS staff and other organizational bodies of BCARRD

- Coordinates/supervises the maintenance of the IT hardwares of the RMIS office and FITS centers

- Internet services

- Electronic mail services


· Regional One-Stop Information Shop (OSIS)

A. Background

The BCARRD OSIS was launched on March 17, 1997 at CSSAC, Pili, Camarines Sur. Dr. William D. Dar, PCARRD's Executive Director and Hon. Luis R. Villafuerte, Governor of Camarines Sur graced the occasion and attended by members of the Bicol Kaugnay Agribusiness Cooperatives, farmers, heads of BCARRD member-agencies, RTWG, RACO and RMIS members.

From then on, the OSIS has been catering to the information needs of the farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers, members as well as other government agencies and other walk-in clients.

B. Services

            OSIS is a program intervention of BCARRD for disseminating scientific information and development technologies. Its target clients are as follows:

            1. Research group research directors, researchers
            2. Development group media practitioners, NGOs, POs, farmers, entrepreneurs
            3. Policy group planners, LGUs, administrators, policy legislators

            The new BCARRD OSIS will be launch soon on Bicol University.



Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment is the process of anticipating and analyzing a broad range of socio-cultural, technical, economic, environmental and political/legal aspects prior to the introduction of a given technology or even while a technology is being promoted or commercialized. It aims to provide the step-by-step process of evaluating technologies for eventual promotion and commercialization (PCARRD, 2001).

BCARRD formally organized its new Technology Assessment Team (TAT).

The TA Team of BCARRD undertakes the following major activities/services:

1. Prepares proposal for technologies that will be subjected to TA.
2. Assesses technologies identified in the RSRDH or as endorsed by the RTWG or RRDCC using the Technology Assessment Protocol.
3. Conducts training on the Use of the Technology Assessment Protocol.

Members of the TA Team are the following:

            1. Prof. Grace Brizuela (Extension Director, BU & RTP Coordinator, BCARRD)
            2. Prof. Jose Ramon E. de Leon (Professor, BUCAS &RACO Coordinator,BCARRD)
            3. Prof. Leilani D. Pavilando (Professor, BUCAF)
            4. Prof. Angelo P. Candelaria (Extension Coordinator, BURDC)