Regional Research and Development Coordinating Committee(RRDCC)
The RRDCC is BCARRD’s policy-making body composed of the heads of  the member-agencies. The body enunciates policies and guidelines for the management and operations of BCARRD, approves and endorses to PCARRD the regional integrated R&D program and budget, and confirms the appointments of the Consortium Director, RTWG members, RACO, RMIS and RTP Coordinators, and other groups/teams that may be formed.

                The RRDCC is headed by a chairperson who serves a 2-year term. The Chairperson basically  provides the necessary leadership for the consortium.  The Vice-Chairperson is elected by all members with the same term as the Chairperson. He/She comes from any of the implementing agencies and acts as the Chairperson in the latter’s absence. He/she becomes the chairperson once the term of office of the chairperson expires.

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