*** For presentation (Regional Symposium)







Completed Projects


 May 3, 2004

 PCA-ARC, Banao, Guinobatan, Albay


Nutrition and Fertilization management of Embryo-cultures Makapuno Tall (ECMakT) seedlings: Response of ECMakT seedlings to different rates of inorganic fertilizers (NPK compoun fortified with micronutrients and a foliar fertilizer)

M.B. Areza-Ubaldo
S.S. Magat
E.P. Rillo  
M.I. Secretaria




Makapuno Comprehensive Technology Development and Commercialization Program


Erlinda R. Rillo  
C.A. Cueto  
Ma.B.B. Areza-Ubaldo O.D. Orense (study 2)



On-going Projects


Construction and exploitation of high density DNA marker and physical maps in the perennial tropical crops, coconut and oil palm: from biotechnology towards marker-assisted breeding



M.J.B. Rodriguez  
G.G. Manalo  
Ma. T.I. Namia




Coconut Tissue Culture for Clonal Propagation and Safe Germplasm Exchange


E.P. Rillo  
M.B.B. Areza  
O.D. Orense  
C.A. Cueto




The Use of Botanical Biocides for the Control of Major Pests of Coconut and Intercrops


Ma. L. Imperial  
J.C. Orense  
E.P. Pacumbaba




Cadang-cadang Disease Containment Accreditation Program





M.J.B. Rodriguez  
E.P. Pacumbaba  
J.C. Orense  
A.R.R. Alfiler  
G.G. Manalo


June 17, 2004/ Mayon Spring Resort, Sto. Domingo, Albay


Levi V. Florido- DENR-ERDB

Elpidio F. Rimando- DENR-ERDB

Anthony Foronda- PCARRD

William Palaypayon- DENR-ERDS




Influence of Various Cultural Treatments on the Early Growth of Palasan (Calamus Merrilli) in Bicol National Park***



Macario G. Dionglay




Early Growth Performance of Rattan Using Various Cluster Methods***


Macario G. Dionglay




Growth Performance of Potted Dipterocarps under Yemane Plantation


Macario G. Dionglay




Establishment of SPAs for the Different Tree Species


Macario G. Dionglay






Establishment of SPAs for Forage Species




Alejo N. Balaguer




Rehabilitation of Grassland Areas in the Bicol Region


Jose M. Roco



Verification Study on the Biological Control of Chromolaena odorata using Stylosanthes Guianensis under Grazed and Ungrazed Condition

Gregorio M. Llave




Benchmark Survey of Kaong in the Bicol Region


Efren C. Operio  
Jose M. Roco, Jr




Harnessing the DENR-ERDS Fruit Trees Clonal Orchard


Feliciano M. Lauricio,Jr.




Community-Based Tiger Grass Livelihood Project in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon


Gregorio M. Llave  
Judy G. Doma



June 29, 2004

DA-RIARS Training Center

Pili, Camarines Sur


Mr. Tito Arevalo

Dr. Eddie S. See

Dr. Yolanda G. Castroverde

Dr. Antonio P. Payonga




Preliminary Yield Test of Different Corn Hybrids




R. Cambaya  
LGU Staff





OFR in White Corn Growing Areas in Cataingan, Masbate


L. Tayactac  
R. Cambaya  
LGU Staff





Effectiveness of Different Soil Ameliorants in Correcting the Acidity of Corn Soils


R. Cambaya  
A. BAylon  
G. Valenciano





Effect of Decrowning and Fertilization at Red Bud Stage on the Yield of Queen Pineapple***


I.Q. Obrero




On-Farm Research in Corn-Basesd Farming Systems in Bicol Region***


R. Cambaya  
E.B. delos Santos  
E.G. Bascuña




Farm Family Participation in Farming Community***


E. Oroyo  
Dr. E.B. delos Santos




Measurement of Economic Efficiency of the Farmers in Bicol Region


Dr. H. M. Sales  
M. dela Peña  
P.F. Oliver




Expanded Corn Technology Showcase Project


E. Lomerio  
R.C. cambaya  
M. C. Zaballa  
B. Ibarbia  
LGU Staff  
Private Companies







June 30, 2004

BUCAF, Guinobatan, Albay


Dr. Elena B. delos Santos

Mr. Tito Arevalo

Dr. Aida Andayog

Dr. Faith Bachiller


Rationalization of the Organization of Board of Regents of BU in the Light of RA 8292***




Dr. Vilma E. Bahoy



The Socio-Economic Profile of the Bicol University Students, SY 2001-2003: A Preliminary Assessment of the Applicability of a Socialized Scheme of Tuition Fees***


Prof. Carlos V. Cortez



Effects of Indigenous Botanicals Plated as Border Crop/ Trap Crop on Pest and Disease Incidence in Seed Pieces of Abaca Plantlets


Ms. Ada Nuñez -Camba



Intercropping of Tissue Cultured Abaca with Fruit Trees


Prof. Judith R. Chavez



Development of Integrated Multicrop Processing System (Zero-Waste Ginger Processing Technology***


Engr. Arnulfo Malinis



Needs Assessment of  Farmers in Selected Barangays in Legazpi City


Prof. Noel Rafer



Lagonoy Gulf Fishery Production: Analysis of Trends and Management Implications***


Prof. Ronnel R. Dioneda



Rapid Socio-Economic Assessment of the Lagonoy Gulf Fisheries


Dr. Ninfa R. Pelea






July 6, 2004

C.N. Divinagracia Hall,

CSSAC, Pili, Camarines Sur


Dr. Roman N. Bucad

Dr. Ambrosio Alfiler

Engr, Raul Alamban

Dr. Elena delos Santos



Ecotypic Variation of the Asian Corn Borer of Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee) Population in the Philippines



Dr. Ma. Dulce J. Mostoles, A. del Rosario A. Nicolas  
M.B. Balderas  
R.B. Ruiz




Damage Assessment and Control of the Citrus Rind Borer in Calamansi


Dr. Ma. Dulce J. Mostoles Prof. Santiago Camposano




Biodiversity Monitoring System-Threat Reduction Assessment (BMS-TRA) Analysis of MINP Fauna


Dr. Yolanda L. Castroverde, Ma. Teresa B. Lirag




Land Use Management Prescriptions for Mt. Isarog Natural Park Buffer Zones***


Dr. Yolanda L. Castroverde  
Mr. Arthur B. Estrella  
Mr. Jose Noel Villavicencio  
Dr. Celerino Llesol  
Ms. Josephine F. Cruz Ms. Ma. Teresa B. Lirag




Varietal Performance of Ubi Cultivars against Pests and Diseases


Mr. Raul Ruiz  
Dr. Ma. Dulce J. Mostoles




Direct Seeded Rice Production in Saline Prone Areas***


Dr. Fe B. Perlas




Performance and Agronomic Characterization of Different Forage Grasses


Dr. Leonardo D. Sureta




Forage Preference of Goats under Confinement and Grazing Systems


Prof. Danilo Savilla




Forage Preference of Sheep under Confinement and Grazing Systems


Prof. Samson D. Salamat




Development of Rice Combine Harvester


Engr. Armin B. Guinto




Design, Construction and Performance Testing of a Golden Kuhol Crusher Grinder***


Engr. Marife L. Pesimo




Prospects of the Agricultural Engineering Curriculum in Bicol***


Engr. Yolanda Agawa

Engr. Jennifer M. Eboña







July 12, 2004

SSC Castilla Campus, Castilla Sorsogon


Mr. Jorge V. Villanea
Mrs. Theresa V. Destura
Mr. Rizalino Detera,Sr.
Dr. Tito M. Ciruelos



Technology Related:




Effects of Homemade Health Practices and Nutrition Education on the Health Status of Malnourished Children***






Dr. Jimemah G. Goneo Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Dr. Minerva J. Hubilla






Acceptability Shelf-life and Microbiological Analysis of Pili Pulp, Baked Food Products***


Ms. Sofia V. Catabian  
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera




Potentials of Bamboo for Livelihood in the Province of Sorsogon***


Dr. Magdalena M. Ocbian Prof. Maria P. Lasim  
Dr. Minerva J. Hubilla  
Ms. Milagros N. Ebuenga




Correlates to Resource Management Strategies of Women Coastal Dwellers along Sorsogon Bay


Ms. Ma. Flora J. Renovalles  
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Ms. Susan S. Janer  
Ms. Jocelyn E. Leaño





Seasonality and Recruitment Pulses of Commercial Fish Species in Selected Municipalities in Sorsogon



Ms. Theresa Haide R. Belgica  
Ms. Charmaine A. Malonzo





Development of an Upward Flow Water Filtration System

Engr. Oscar Peter D. Pascual

Engr. Rogelio N. Galang Mr. Achilles G. Honasan




Polu culture of Gracilaria Spp/Shrimp in Mangrove: A Verification and Comparative Study


Mr. Ramonito D. Duro Mra. Yolada E. Berdin Mr. Augusto N. Calabines






Development of Pili Pulp Flour and Oil for Cookery




Mrs. Consepcion J. Cambaliza  
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Mr. Luis Mateo G. Janer




Impact of the Extension Program of the Sorsogon State College


Dr. Esperanza F. Carranza  
Arch. Luisita F. Gegajo Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Jr. Jimemah G. Goneo




Dr. Eddie S. See
Dr.Milagros S. Esparrago
Dr. Cely S. Binoya


Education and Social Science


Development and Evaluation of SSC Student Teaching Handbook




Mr. Gerry S. Digo




The Tracer Study of Agricultural Technology Graduates of Sorsogon State College-School Years 1998-1999 to 2002-2003


Dr. Madelyn L. Monreal Dr. Pablito V. Marbel Mrs. Estelita M. Abonita




Determinants of the Graduate Education Completion Period of the Faculty in Stata College and Universities in Region V***


Dr. Antonio D. Dipad  
Dr. Nellie G. Placer  
Dr. Miguel G. Guarin  
Dr. Jimemah G. Goneo




Communicative Competence in English of the SSC Freshmen in SY 2002-2003***


Dr. Shirley V. Lo




Socio-Demographic Profile of Coastal Barangay Officials in the Province of Sorsogon: Its Implication to Fishery Project Development


Dr. Nellie G. Placer  
Dr. Miguel G. Guarin  
Dr. Shirley V. Lo  
Dr. Lolita L. Despuig  
Dr. Jimemah G. Goneo Dr. Manuela B. Utzurrum Mr. Erwin H. Malto






Development and Evaluation of OPCI Workbook




Dr. Edna L. Hapin  
Mr. Gerry S. Digo






Comparative Analysis of Gender-Based Indigenous Knowledge System in the Urban and Rural Communities in the Province of Sorsogon




Dr. Minerva J. Hubilla  
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Dr. Magdalena M. Ocbian Ms. Maria P. Lasim  
Ms. Virginia P. Oanzon Mr. Anthony M. Bravo Mr. Wilfredo F. Verano Ms. Charmaine A. Malonzo  
Ms. Dolores C. Huiden Mr. Rafael V. Amene




Student Scholar’s Academic Performance: Inputs to the Development of the Sorsogon State Colleges’ Progress


Ms. Aida G. Lasala
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera  
Dr. Esperanza F. Carranza  
Arch. Lusita F. Gegajo




Sorsogon State College Athletic Scholarship Program: Its Impact on the Grantees’ Performance


Dr. Onofre D. Degracia Dr. Nellie G. Placer  
Dr. Antonio D. Dipad  
Dr. Miguel G. Guarin  
Dr. Tarcela F. Detera



July 15, 2004

PSU, San Jose Campus, Partido, Camarines Sur


Dr. Eddie S. See- BCARRD, BU

Ms. Yole Palmiano- NEDA-V

Dr. Allan Rabe- BUCAF

Dr. Elena delos Santos- DA-V, BIARC

Ms. Aida S. Andayog- BFAR-V

Ms. Virgibia L. Olaño- BFAR-V

Ms. Lida C. Borboran- DENR-ERDS-V

Dr. Eliezer Caculita- NCF Naga City

Dr. Loudes Laniog-CSPC, Nabua, C.S.

Ms. Sheryl Catura-CSPC, Naga Campus












R&D Projects and Researches




Design and Fabrication of Handy Electrically Operated Concrete Mixer















Engr. Raymundo Romero



The Relocation of Non-Tenured Migrants Outside the Protected Area of Mount Isarog Natural Park***

Engr. Moriel Luzada




Partido State University Registrar’s System (P@RS)***


Mr. Ronnel A. Atole




Goa Shopping Mall and Central Terminal Project Feasibility Study***


Ms. Agnes R. Pesimo




Monosex Culture of Mudcrab in Mangrove Areas


Mrs. Neonita Palmaria




Historical Time Line, Resource Use Pattern and Potential Livelihood in Atulayan Island


Mrs. Hazel Respeto





Fisheries Profile of Atulayan Island



Ms. Kristine Joy Lapitan




Coastal Resource Management Issues and Constraints in Atulayan Island


Mr. Antonio Manuel Gozo




Socioeconomic Profile of “Pangki” and “Ug-ug” Fishers in Atulayan


Mrs. Hedeliza Asuzano




Evaluation of Mariculture and Fish Aggregation Device in Atulayan Bay


Mrs. Patricia Candelaria




Participatory Coastal Resource Appraisal in Atulayan: Lessons Learned in Community-Academe Partnership in Resource and Socio-Economic Assessment


Mr. Raul Bradecina




Inventory of CRM Intervention in Lagonoy Gulf


Mr. Raul Bradecina




Cost-Benefit of Marine Fishery Reserves/ Sanctuaries in Lagonoy Gulf


Mr. Raul Bradecina




Process Evaluation and Extent of Success of Marine Fishery Reserves/ Sanctuaries in Lagonoy Gulf


Mr. Raul Bradecina




Institutional Projects/ Researches




Profitability and Technical Efficiency of IGPs in PSU






Mr. Luven Haja




Construction and Validation of Knowledge Test in Professional Teacher Education Subjects for 4th Year BSED and BEED***


Mrs. Fe Romero




The PSU Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives: Its Dissemination and Acceptability


Mrs. Aida P. Celon




Training Needs of the Teacher Education Faculty, 2004-2006


Mrs. Myrna Bigueja




Teacher Education Faculty Profile


Ms. L.F. Amador




Socioeconomic Profile and Academic Performance in Mathematics 1 and English 1 of BSED Freshmen College Students, SY 2003-2004


Ms. Eden Basilla

    *** For presentation (Regional Symposium)