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The BCARRD Monitor is a bi-annual publication of the Bicol Consortium for Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Regional Applied Communication Office (BCARRD-RACO). It contains news and news features concerning agricultural advancements and technologies as well as activities held by BCARRD member agencies.


BCARRD Annual Reports are compilations of the accomplishments of the consortium in the past year. These reports also usually include the following components: research and development highlights, trainings, seminars and workshops attended and sponsored by member agencies, awards received and conferred by the consortium, news and events, financial and work plan.


This annual publication presents the selected research results of BCARRD-member agencies for the year. The usual focus of the researches included, is on specific commodities of the region.


A. Video materials

1. Tupa footages
The video contains footages of sheep taken throughout the region. It zeroes in on the benefits of stock-raising.

2. Pag-aalaga ng tupa-
The video is an instructional guide for raising sheep. It focuses mainly on the proper management of sheep including proper nutrition, shelter, and foraging of the stock for optimal benefits of the raiser.

3. BT Corn Video

4. Video on Biotechnology

IEC Materials Produced by BCARRD Member-agencies (2000-2003)

Philippine Coconut Authority
Makapuno Embryo Culture Technology: Utilization for Accelerated Makapuno Production
Makapuno Embryo Culture Technology
Coconut Biotechnology Project
Technical Notes on the Cadang-cadang Disease and its Casual Agent
Ang Mealybug: Peste ng Niyog sa Timog Palawan
Cadang-cadang Disease
Guide on Pest and Diseases of Coconut (In Press)
Tree of Life
Investigating the feasibility of using botanical pesticides against major coconut pests
Cadang-cadang Disease Containment Program
Camarines Sur State Agricultural
The CSSAC Journal of Research 2003
The CSSAC Journal of Research 2002
The CSSAC Journal of Research 1993
The CSSAC Journal of Research 1994
The Countryside Journal
Soil and Water Laboratory Information Bulletin
CSSAC Research Division Information Bulletin
CSSAC Extension Division Information Bulletin
Farmerd Bayanihan Center Information Bulletin
Soybean Shelter Leaflet
Sheep Research and Dev't Program in the Bicol Region
Tested Mutton Recipes
Make Your Soil Fertile with
Bicol University
R & D Journal
  -  Vol. I, No. 1 - December 1984
  -  Vol. II, No. 2 - December 1985
  -  Vol. III No. 2 - December 1986
  -  Vol. IV, No. 1 - June 1987
  -  Vol VI          - June 1989
  -  Vol VII         - June 1991
  -  Vol VIII        - September 1994
  -  Vol. X          - December 1997
  -  Vol. XI         - December 1998
  -  Vol. XII        - December 1999
  -  Vol. XIII       - December 2000
  -  Vol. XIV      - December 2001
University Research & Development (R & D ) Agenda 2004-2014
    BURDC Flyer No.3, s. 2003
University Research & Development (R & D) Thrusts and Priorities 2003-2004
    BURDC Flyer No. 2, S. 2003
BU Priorities in Education Research. A Guide for Research Professors Advisers and
    Students in Identifying Theses Problems, February 2002
BU Priorities in Gender and Development (GAD) Research. A Guide for Research
    Professors, Advisers and Students in Identifying Theses Problems, February 2002
BU Priorities in Social Science, Communications and Mgt Research.A Guide for Research
    Professors, Advisers and Students in Identifying Theses Problems, February 2002
BU Research and Development (R & D) Strategic Plan 2004-2014
BU Priorities in Social Science, Communications and Mgt Research.A Guide for Research
    Professors, Advisers and Students in Identifying Theses Problems, February 2002
BU Priorities in Agricultural Research. A Guide for Research Professors, Advisers and
    Students in Identifying Theses Problem, February 2002
BU Priorities in Fisheries Research. A Guide for Research Professors, Advisers and
    Students in Identifying Theses Problem, February 2002
Suggested Topics for Feasibility Studies. Issued May 2002
Biology, Ecology and Population Dynamics of Sinarapan
Conservation and Management of Sinarapan: The World's Smallest Commercial Fish
Pagkonservar asin Pangataman Kan Sinarapan, Pinakasadit na Sirang Pangkomersyal
     sa Bilog na Kinab-an
Pangasiwa at Pamamahala ng Sinarapan: Pinakamaliit na isdang komersyal sa
    Buong Mundo
Technical Papers
     Bicol Fish Biodiversity Program " Assessing Bicol Coastal Fisheries and Ecological
Habitats for Local Action Planning and Management" Terminal Report
      *  Capture Fisheries Resource Assessment
      *  Ecological and Habitat Assessment
      *  Socio-Economics, Administrative and Legal
PowerPoint Presentation
      * Catch and Effort Assessment of the Fisheries of SMI, Tabaco City
      *  Assessment of Major Finfish Stocks in Bicol
      *  Assessment and Management of Shrimp Stocks in San Miguel Bay
      *  Managing Badoy Fisheries of Sorsogon Bay: A Challenge to Effective Interfacing
         Roles of Academe, LGU and Stakeholders
      *  Assessment for Management of Short-Necked Clam, Paphia undulataBourne in
         Sorsogon Bay
      *  Fish Biodiversity Issues in Bicol Status, Issues and Prospects
      *  Exploitation of Fishery Resources in Bicol
      *  Marine Fishery Reserve Site Characterization Off Tiwi Coast, Tiwi,Albay,
         Bicol Region, Philippines
      *  Stock Assessment of Commercially Imporatant Fishes and Invertebrates of
         Lagunoy Gulf.
      *  Bicol IRDEP 2000-2004 Capture Fisheries and Coastal Resources Management
      *  Research Proposal Preparation
      *  Lecture Demo in FISAT
      *  Presentation of RDC Manual of Operation
      * Assessment and Reproduction Ecology of Siganid Role of Indigenous Knowledge
        to Research
     *  Bicol Fish Biodiversity Successful Sinarapan Repopulation
     *  San Miguel Island Marine Fishery Resource Project: Lessons Learned
     *  LGU-NGO-Academe Partnership in Coastal Protective Management
     *  Quick Stock Assessment of Scallop in  Asid Gulf, Masbate
     *  MFR-Focused Fishery and Coastal Assessment and Management Initiative in
        Pilar Sorsogon
     *  Verification Study of the Fish Cage Feeding and Stock Manipulation Scheme in
        Lake Bato.
     * Commercial Bivalves of Sorsogon Exploring QSA Strategies for Management
     *  Fishery and Aspects of the Management of Siganid Fry in San Miguel Island,
        Tabaco City
     *  Status o Coral Reefs in Marine Protected Area of Bicol Region
     *  Stakeholders Evaluation of Marine Fishery Reserve and Sanctuary in Cawayan
     *  Assessment of Sea Grasses and Sea Weeds in MPAs in Bicol Region
Hand-outs on Seminars
     *  Research Proposal Preparation
     *  Computer-aided Preparation of Research Output
Annual Technical Report 1996-2003
Posters on Researches
      * The Lakelets of Mt. Asog, San Ramon, Buhi, Camarines Sur: The Last Frontiers
         in the Conservation of Sinarapan, "The World's Smallest Commercial Fish"
How to Conduct Trainings
Community Organizing- A Response to Poverty Situation
      *  Commercial Bivalves of Sorsogon: Exploring Quick Stock Assessment for
      *  MFR-Focused Assessment in Pilar, Sorsogon
DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT An Paglalati sa Bakilid na Lugar sa Paagi kan Agroforestry
DEVELOPMENT SERVICE Agroforestry Technology Information Kit
Survey and Evaluation of Water Conservation Practices of Rural Folks in Mt. Masaraga
   Watershed Forest Reserve Impact of Free Patent Issuance on the Beneficiaries in
   Pilot Municipalities in Catanduanes
GIS-Assisted Approach in Modeling Soil Erosion at Watershed Level: The Development
   of Catchment Run-Off and Soil Erosion Simulation
Applicability of Median Based Statistical Treatment in the Interpretation of Soil-geo
   Chemical Data
Effects of Hedgerows on Soil Fertility and Crop Yield
Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) Technologies and Agroforestry Systems
Effectiveness of Soil Conservation Structures in  Cultivated Steep Uplands of Region 8
Management of Soil Erosion for Sustainable Agriculture  Sloping Lands
Soil Fertility Status and Physical Properties of 2 Reforestation Areas of the Bicol River
DEPARTMENT OD SCIENCE AND Livelihood Technologies, A Compilation 2003
CATANDUANES STATE COLLEGES Info. Leaflet ( English and Bicol)
Research Digest
Info. Bulletin
Abstract Bibliography of Dissertations, Theses and Studies
Occasional Paper
Pisog nin Uswag Proceedings
A Primer on Operation SAGIP ABAKA Program
Ganito Ba ang Inyong Pananim?
Technoguide on Abaca
Nature and Control of Bunchy-top Disease
An Abaca Mosaic
Technoguide on Salago
Technoguide on Kapok
Technoguide on Maguey
Technoguide on Pineapple
Technoguide on Kenaf
"Abaka ay Pinagkikitaan Dapat Alagaan