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Integrated R & D Programs

A. Project Title: Management of Sloping Lands for Sustainable Agriculture in the Bicol Region

B. Program Title: Science and Technology Intervention for Enhancing the Development of Compost-based Products

C. Program Title: Pili Integrated Research and Development Program Phase II (PIRDP II)

Monitoring and Evaluation

Regional Symposium On Research Development And Development Highlights (RSRDH)

The regional symposium is an activity wherein technologies are reviewed. It focuses on the discussion/presentation of technologies and information for dissemination which have been identified during the AIHRs.

This activity is participated in by technology generators, researchers, policy makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the private sector and non government organizations. It facilitates the dissemination of research breakthroughs and significant findings to end users by providing the venue wherein they can interact, keep abreast with the newly developed technologies, and be able to evaluate the potentials of emerging technologies.


Agency In-House Review

The Agency In-House Review involves the evaluation of all technology generation, adaptation, verification, action/development, applied communication and extension projects of an agency which are either completed or on-going during the particular year under review. It is a regular activity carried out by individual member agencies of the NARRDN.

During these reviews, researchers present the progress/highlights of their projects in a forum attended by researchers from the same agency. Regional and national (if necessary) experts representing various disciplines serves as external evaluators. Members of the RTWG/RCT of the consortium usually serve as regional evaluator

Techno Gabay Program

This program was launched essentially to integrate the various technology promotion and commercialization modalities implemented in the region. Among these modalities are the Farmers Information & Technology Services (FITS), Farmers Scientist Bureau (FSB), Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Strategies, Information and Communications Technology, Technology Assessment and Regional One-Stop Information Shop (OSIS). These modalities enhance the linkage among the technology players, technology servers and technology adoptors.

The implementation of the TG program is spearheaded by a Regional Technology Promotions Coordinator and assisted by a Technology Promotion Service Specialist.

 Components of BCARRD's Technogabay Program:

                o Farmers' Information and Technology Services
                o Farmers' Scientist Bureau
                o Information, Education and Comm. Strategies
                o Information and Communications Technology
                o Technology Assessment


Gender and Development Program

This program focuses on the implementation of modalities or schemes that enhance the participation of adult men, women and children in the development of agriculture and natural resources.

The BCARRD GAD Core Group is composed of GAD focal persons from member-agencies. This is headed by a GAD Chairperson from DOST V.

Activities include the mainstreaming of Gender concerns in the formation & development of RDE programs and projects in agriculture & naturalresources and through conduct of trainings.


Policy Advocacy

This program aims to enhance and facilitate the transformation of research inputs/findings for policy-making, program formulation, impact assessment, and R&D governance. The program has been recognized as one of the more important activities of the consortium but it is only recently that this has been accorded the necessary focus and attention.

                Activities include:

                a.) Creation of a policy advocacy group and formulation of its 
                 strategic plans.

                b.) Impact assessment of strategic technologies and 
                management systems

               - packaging of proposal on the impact of conservation farming 
                community as modality for enhancing the widespread 
                adoption of sloping land management technologies

Capability Enhancement Program

This program focuses on the schemes to develop/enhance competence
& skills of institutions and individuals in strategic areas and in effecting full mobilization of the region's R&D resources. A Human Resource Development Committee was created to spearhead activities related to this.

                Activities include:

                a.) Conduct of system-wide trainings & seminars for strategic 
                technologies and management systems

                b.) Award/recognition giving and programming/facilitation of 
                entries to relevant awards.

                c.) Conduct of In-house & External meetings to enhance intra and 
                inter-agency linkages & resource mobilization/complementation

                            - RRDCCmeetings
                            - RTWG meetings
                            - RMIS meetings
                            - RACO meetings
                            - Techno Gabay meetings
                            - GAD meetings
                            - HRDC meetings
                            - TA Team meetings

                d.) Documentation and dissemination of consortium

                            - Annual report
                            - R&D investments
                            - Information bulletin
                            - Newsletter