The RRDCC is BCARRD’s policy-making body composed of the heads of  the member-agencies. The body enunciates policies and guidelines for the management and operations of BCARRD, approves and endorses to PCARRD the regional integrated R&D program and budget, and confirms the appointments of the Consortium Director, RTWG members, RACO, RMIS and RTP Coordinators, and other groups/teams that may be formed.

            The RRDCC is headed by a chairperson who serves a 2-year term. The Chairperson basically  provides the necessary leadership for the consortium.

            The Vice-Chairperson is elected by all members with the same term as the Chairperson. He/She comes from any of the implementing agencies and acts as the Chairperson in the latter’s absence. He/she becomes the chairperson once the term of office of the chairperson expires.


                                                Dr. Susana C. Cabredo
Chairperson, RRDCC and
                                                President, BU

RRDCC Members:

    CSSAC     -    Dr. Wilfredo G. Olaño                CNSC    -    Dr. Wenifredo Oñate
President                                                      President

    DA 5        -    Dr. Hector M. Sales                    PCA-ARC -  Ms. Ester P. Pacumbaba
OIC Regional Director                                      Department Manager III

    FIDA 5     -    Dir. Ramon T. Borromeo            NEDA V   -  Dir. Marlene Catalina P. Rodriguez
OIC Regional Director                                               Regional Director

    DOST 5    -    Dr. Ma. Josefina P. Abilay          DENR-ERDS -Dr. William R. Palaypayon
         Regional Director                                               Regional Director   

    DEBESMSCAT - Dr. Magno S. Conag              CSC        -    Dr. Asuncion V. Asetre
President                                                       President

    PSU        -    Dr. Modesto D. Detera                SSC        -     Dr. Augusto R. Nieves
President                                                        President

    DA-BAR    -    Dr. William C. Medrano            DENR-ERDB - For. Levi Florido
Executive Director

    PCARRD    -    Dr. Patricio S. Faylon              
Executive Director                                    



        The RTWG is the technical arm of the RRDCC. It reviews the Regional Research Programs before  it is referred to the RRDCC for approval. It also formulates the long- and short-term plans of the consortium. It is composed of research directors/ coordinators of member agencies.



RTWG Members

    CSSAC     -    Dir. Arthur Estrella                CNSC    -    Dr. Juanita C. Emata
Research Director                                     Research Director

    DA 5        -    Dr. Elena B. delos Santos       PCA-ARC -  Mr. Mateo B. Zipagan
BIARC Manager                                           Division Chief III

    FIDA 5     -    Ms. Emma O. Oloteo               NEDA V   -  Ms. Erlinda B. Meneses
Senior Agriculturist                                                SR EDS

    DOST 5    -    Dr. Purita L. Balean                DENR-ERDS -Ms. Lida C. Borboran
      Chief SRS                                                       Chief SRS   

    DEBESMSCAT - Dr. Elmo R. Rapsing           CSC        -    Prof. Sonia R. Vargas
                                Research Director                                     Research Director

    PSU        -    Dr. Nita V. Morallo                   SSC        -     Dr. Nellie G. Placer
    Research Director                                         Research Director

    DA-BAR    -    Mr. Angel Morcozo                PCARRD  -     Engr. Raul Alamban 


RACO (coordinator)

The RACO Coordinator provides leadership in planning and integrating the technology transfer activities. The RACO officers of the member-agencies provide the communication support to all the RD&E activities of the agencies and that of the IRDP.


RACO Members

    CSSAC     -    Ms. Presbel B. Presto            CNSC    -    Dr. Rachel Moreno
  Instructor I                                              Instructor III

    DA 5        -    Mabelle R. Ilan                       PCA-ARC -  Ma. Buena A. Ubaldo
                                                                           SRS II

    FIDA 5     -    Mr. Marlon F. Rebancos          NEDA V   -  Ms. Yole A. Palmiano
     FDO II                                                             SR EDS    

    DOST 5    -    Ms. Pilita O. Lucena               DENR-ERDS - Ms. Cristita C. Cariño
       SRS II                                                              SRA   

    DEBESMSCAT - Ms. Milagros Celedonio     CSC        -    Ms. Juanita V. Cervantes
                                    Instructor III                                              Instructor III

    PSU        -    Mr. Ronnel Atole                     SSC        -     Dr. Shirley V. Lo
    Research Director                                       Asst. Professor II

    PCARRD  -     Dr. Cesar Frias                       BU        -        Prof. Ramon E. de Leon
RACO Coordinator



RMIS (Coordinator)

The RMIS Coordinator heads the RMIS office, coordinates and implements the regional MIS programs and manages the research information systems (RDMIS, ARRTIS and RETRES).

RMIS Members

    CSSAC     -    Ms. Ma. Teresa B. Lirag         CNSC    -    Dr. Arlyn M. Magana
  Instructor I                                              

    DA 5        -                                                   PCA-ARC -  Mr. Gil Manalo
                                                                    Senior SRS

    FIDA 5     -    Ms. Emma Oloteo                  NEDA V   -  Ms. Gwendolyn Bitare
     FDO II                                                           SR EDS    

    DOST 5    -    Mr. Manuel Sn. B. Lucena     DENR-ERDS - Engr. Arlene Ranara
       Supervising SRS                                            SRS II   

    DEBESMSCAT - Ms. Jessica Alcantara       CSC        -    Mr. Gerry S. Rubio
                                    Instructor I                                              PRO III

    PSU        -    Ms. Luisa M. Lanciso               SSC        -     Ms. Maria Flora Renovalles
Asst. Research Director                                                Instructor I

   BU        -    Dr. Jocelyn J. Paje
                      RMIS Coordinator


RTP (Coordinator)

The Regional Technology Promotion Coordinator assists the Consortium Director in fast tracking the coordination of all technoogy promotion and commercialization activities.

The Technology Promotion Service Specialist assists the RTPC. She shall coordinate with with the RACO, RMIS and RTWG groups regarding the conduct of technology services for the consortium.

Prof. Grace Brizuela- RTP Coordinator



Consortium Director

        The Consortium Director heads the secretariat, manages the daily operations of the consortium and administers the activities in line with the policies formulated by the RRDCC. He/she also serves as the ex-officio chairperson of the RTWG and ex-officio secretary of the RRDCC.

DR. EDDIE S. SEE - Consortium Director


Consortium Secretariat

        The Secretariat undertakes the administration, coordination and control of the consortium in accordance with the policies and guidelines promulgated by the RRDCC. Logistic and staff support are provided mostly by the base agency. The secretariat is located at the 2nd Floor BUREPC Bldg., Bicol University Legazpi City

Ms. Josephine M. Villareal - Research Assistant
Ms. Maria Gemma O. Bermundo - Computer Encoder